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The story behind the company is not too different from many others. Creating something for one's self because it simply does not exist. The founder wanted great earrings to wear for a special alumni event, that were not the usual plastic or enamel logo. She wanted to wear her team colors and be different. So the motivation to create unusual, fashionable and fun earrings in team colors was in full tilt mode AND it was just as important that these were MADE IN THE USA. Almost everything out there was imported and that did not feel right.

The company name - Love Your Team Designs - says it all. This spirit jewelry in team colors, are fun, trendy and made with pride in the U.S.A., and offer color combinations that represent almost all teams and groups. If specific colors are not included in the standard colors, they can be custom-made. Because each piece is handmade and not mass-produced by a mold or machine, the not-perfectly-matched element provides the one-of-a-kind nature of these earrings.

As a career artist, the founder new that creativity, hard work and passion were keys to success, but most essential was working with a medium that provided an unlimited color palette, ease and durability. Non-toxic, polymer clay was the ideal choice. Handmaking each bead or shape is the element that makes this jewelry so different. There is nothing out there that explodes with team spirit, color and originality like these earrings.

The possible combinations of beads and shapes is endless and considering this factor, Love Your Team Designs needed to be able to produce in large quantities and quickly. Because there are 346 Division 1 colleges, 30 NFL teams, 30 MLB teams, 30 NBA teams, 30 NHL teams and having no certain idea how many sororities, high schools and private teams exist – Love Your Team Designs had to decide on the number of designs and colors offered, to satisfy the majority. Additional designs will be offered, along with the current, sometime during summer 2013. But for now we want women of all ages to enjoy these special, team earring creations. SHOW YOUR SPIRT and WEAR YOUR TEAM COLORS created by LOVE YOUR TEAM DESIGNS!